WP5 - Optimisation of schedules

WP5 focused on the optimisation of public transport schedules, given the planning constraints revealed in WP2. The optimisation model optimised the schedules given the passenger flows and preferences from the WP3b model, whereas the passenger flows themselves depended on the schedules (non-continuous mapping of the schedules). This outer bi-level problem of solving the demand/supply loop (a so-called NP-hard, non-continuous mixed integer problem) were addressed in a PostDoc in WP5a, whereas the inner optimi­sation problem of scheduling the timetable given the flows from the outer loop (WP5b) were addressed in a project within DTU Management including a PhD-project.

The work package was led by:

Allan Larsen, Associate Professor 
Department of Technology, Management and Economics
Akademivej, Bygning 358
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Phone: +45 4525 1502
Email: alar@dtu.dk