WP2 - Organisational context and planning constraints

WP2 focused on the organisational context and the planning constraints that this constituted for public transport optimisation. With regard to cross-modal planning, this was seen in the light of the evaluation from 2013 of the law of passenger transport authorities and the following proposal and legislation for an “umbrella organisation” of public transport in the Greater Copenhagen Area. WP2 also focused on organisational issues with regard to the interrelation between public (bus) transport, planning of road space, and land use planning, and how this influence possible improvements of the bus operation. 

The methodology consisted of document analyses and qualitative interviews with stakeholders. An in-depth study was carried out of the situation in the Greater Copenhagen Area, supplemented by selected cases of other European cities representing innovative organisational solutions with learning potential for Denmark. This could for instance be Stockholm, Hamburg and London.

The work package is led by: 

Henrik Sylvan, Centerleder
Department of Technology, Management and Economics 
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2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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