WP1b - Revealing passenger flow patterns

WP1b focused on new methods to reveal travel patterns that supplemented and enriched the knowledge from existing data sources. Examples are weighing equipment in trains (Nielsen et al, 2013), and travel cards (Frumin, 2010). The work took advantage of the contacts to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Professor Nigel Wilson) in order to build on inter­national experiences on new data collection techniques. The project had access to the Danish travel card data (“Rejsekortet”), where DTU in cooperation with Movia carried out a pilot project. 

The WP also focused on how to merge the many new data sources (big data) into usable and validated data on travel patterns. DTU Compute was part of this WP in order to contribute with the most advanced statistical methods, and Rapidis with experience from the DSB counting train project, data processing and software.