The project will have its core group at 2 departments of DTU (Manage­ment and Compute) who will ensure a strong methodological basis in the triangle between modelling, optimisation and organisational issues, whereas the real life impacts is ensured by organisations with responses for both organisation of public transport (Banedanmark, Trafikstyrelsen, Movia), supply (Movia, DSB) and software implementation (Rapidis ApS). 

Department of Management Engineering

Transport DTU - centre for transport research

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

  Rapidis Aps

Trafikselskabet Movia



Further internationally leading universities, researchers and practitioners are included in the project to strengthen the research agenda, provide contact to international state of the art and practice, and to ensure strong possibilities for stays abroad of the doctoral and postdoctoral positions funded by the project. The role of these international collaborators will be on looser basis and so these are assigned as affiliated partners to the project.

   The University of Auckland
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
 University of Bologna
 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
   Michael Frumin, independent consultant